• Surah al-Fatihah

    Surah Al-Fatihah is the first Surah of the Glorious Quran, although it is not the…

  • Surah 2: al-Baqarah

    Surah Al-Baqarah is the longest Surah of the Holy Quran. It has 286 verses divided…

  • Surah 3: Al-Imran

    Surah Ali 'Imran means "the family of 'Imran". Imran was the father of Prophets Musa…

  • Surah 4: an-Nisa

    One of the main themes of Surah An-Nisa' of the Holy Quran is the establishment…

  • Surah 5: al-Maidah

    In Surah Al-Ma'idah the story of the two children of Adam is told in the…

  • Surah 6: al-Anam

    In surah Al-An'am the message of Tawhid is highly emphasized in the Quran. The basic principles…

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Now you can create your own Athan Clock screen and show it via an URL on any device. It’s a great tool to show the prayer times on a TV screen at mosque, school, work or on a tablet screen at home!

What are the features?

  • Different designs
  • Different Languages
  • Adjust prayer time settings
  • Add logo, weather, image, text, etc.
  • Print prayer times calendar
  • And a lot of other features….

It’s completely free, so create an account now and discover the possibilities!

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    Abdur-Rahman Ibn Abdul-Aziz As-Sudais An-Najdi is a Saudi world renown reciter. He was born in Saudi Arabia and he’s originally…


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